Wednesday, May 19, 2010


When my wife and I were in college doing the long-distance relationship thing, I remember her swooning over a song called "Kiss the Rain".  The gist of it was that since the same sky is over the two parted lovers, if they each kiss the falling rain, they will be kissing eachother.  Good idea. Won't work.  Sorry.

Jesus flies up to heaven after telling his disciples "I will be with you always".  34ish years earlier Mary conceived in her womb Emmanuel - God with us.  When the Lord comes into this world and the moment he leaves, Matthew reminds us that God is with us.

Being with us is typical of the Lord.  He didn't zap redemption at us from far away and he doesn't do things in our lives today from far away.  He is with us.  But ever since that day when he flew up to heaven, his disciples are the "with-ers".  We do the "with-ing" in his name.

That's what Angel Friendship his.  We don't just throw money or vouchers at our client-moms (or diapers for that matter) and call it service.   Yes we offer practical help, but most importantly we are with the women we serve.  And all of our service should be marked by true Christian "with-i-ness".